Answering the Inevitable Question

Interview prep

Take2 has facilitated 100s of interviews in the last couple of months. One question that is without doubt the most integral part of your interview is-
Why are you planning to change your career?” This question is followed without fail by- “Why did you choose this particular field to pivot into?"

It is disheartening to see candidates, after all the efforts that they put in up skilling themselves, earning certifications and applying to countless jobs, to ultimately falter at these questions.

I would argue that most candidates have a pretty clear understanding of why they are changing careers. They have also researched extensively into the particular field they are looking to pivot into. The problem is that they have put comparatively little effort into telling their story. The thoughts inside your head may not translate well during the interview.

So what should you do?

First of all it’s important to identify the common mistakes that you may be inadvertently making. Only then you can begin writing the story of your career. Working with 100s of pivoters at Take2 has given us a fair bit of insight.

Never lose sight of the fact that you are a multifaceted person capable of accomplishing many things and wearing different hats. Your skills and your experience are unarguably applicable to more than a single job. The more clearly you can articulate your value and connect the dots between your past experience and new opportunities, the more possibilities will be available to you.

Answering the Inevitable Question

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