Jobs for Transitioning teachers in EdTech companies - 2023

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This is the first part of a three-part series we're writing to support teachers transitioning into tech roles. In this part, we'll highlight the top five roles that should be on your radar as you pivot your career. These are jobs where your prior skills and experience as a teacher help you stand out from the rest!

If you are a teacher, you have probably considered quitting your job and changing your career. You are not alone. According to the NEA, 2 in 3 educators in the United States face serious levels of burnout and are open to changing careers.

The rise of EdTech companies has created a natural gateway for all teachers. COVID accelerated online learning and has created new opportunities for teachers to find remote jobs in the EdTech space that can help them keep their passion for education while pursuing a new career that is more fulfilling, and economically more rewarding while giving teachers the peace of mind they crave!

At take2, we have had hundreds of teachers successfully navigate the career pivot process and land interviews at companies like SchoolHouse, Amira Learning for multiple positions - ranging from program management to customer success. 

Here are 5 jobs in EdTech that are a good next step for transitioning teachers and where the skills you have gained working in a classroom can still be put to use.

1. Instructional Designer

Average salary: $72,912 per year in the US

An instructional designer blends technology and education to develop courses, curriculums, and training materials. They play an important role in designing activities, assignments, and assessments for universities, edtech, and private companies.  Many Edtech companies are now designing curriculum for online courses in new formats. Some of these formats (peer-to-peer, online learning, small cohorts) require content to be formatted to best ensure student experience.

An instructional designer in such a role acts as not just the content manager but also a product designer who thinks through the user experience and optimizes for what will achieve the learning goals desired by the product.

> Transferable skills

Curriculum design, communication skills, learning design

> Required skills

Ability to operate Learning Management Systems (LMS),
strong understanding and applicability of UX tools and software

Want to check out what the job looks like? Refer to the two job openings below in EdTech companies.

On take2, we serve EdTech companies for instruction design roles. These are also sometimes called Learning Experience Design roles.

2. Program management

Average salary: $143,402 per year in the US

A program manager is responsible for keeping track of multiple projects and ensuring that they are aligned with the organization's goals. They assess program strengths and identify areas for improvement. In EdTech, program managers drive content management, and technical assignment administration, and aid faculty in ensuring high-quality learning outcomes. They work with multiple subject matter experts (SMEs) to come up with new learning products and identify growth opportunities.


> Transferable skills
Project management, decision-making, meticulous organization

> Required skills

Data processing automation, budget administration, risk assessment

Here are two quick roles that will give you a better understanding of what a program manager does:

At take2, we are looking for educators who are passionate about program management. This role does not require prior experience, so if you are interested, please find more details here.

3. Customer Success

Average salary: $114,908 per year in the US

A customer success manager is responsible for making sure that customers have a positive experience throughout the sales cycle. This role is a great fit for someone who is proactive and open to trying new things to achieve the desired goal. Additionally, it is also the customer success manager's duty to make sure that any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. In the EdTech space, customer success managers are expected to onboard users and increase engagement at the management, teachers, and student levels. They partner with the product team to enable ground-level learning and ensure that customer interests are met.

> Transferable skills

Relationship building, empathy, proactiveness

> Required skills

Assertiveness, critical feedback management, and customer follow-ups

Here are two Customer Success roles complementing your skills as a teacher:

Take2 offers a variety of customer success jobs that don't require certification. Take a look at our job listings here and see if there's a position that's a good fit for your skills.

Job hunting can be a daunting task, especially when you're starting from scratch in a new field. A great way to make the process easier is to automate as much of the search as possible, so you can spend more time honing your skills.
Here are three ways you can do just that.

4. Subject Matter expert

Average salary: $115,236 per year in the US

A subject matter expert is like a compass. They have a deep understanding of a particular area which helps them to identify problems and figure out how to fix them. Subject matter experts analyze current processes, plan out a better course of action, and use their knowledge to solve difficult challenges.

As an SME in EdTech, one will be a part of the development, testing, and implementation of various products. Along with this, they have to constantly coordinate with multiple teams and upgrade the content to align with the latest updates. SMEs often also build pedagogical frameworks for teaching, assessing and guiding learners.

> Transferable skills

Proofreading, creating training material, leadership

> Required skills

Web content management, documentation, AP Style writing

If you're an educator who's looking to specialize in a particular subject area, there are a couple of different job options that can help you make the switch. Check out these two options if you're interested in pursuing a career in education specializing in a specific subject.

If you're leaving the classroom to become a subject matter expert, here's an opportunity you might not want to miss.

5. Biz Ops

Average salary: $93,406 per year in the US

Be it hiring a new employee, articulating business goals, or ensuring the budgets are optimally utilized; business operations managers have to wear multiple hats at the same time. One of the key responsibilities they undertake is to establish KPIs and direct teams with the right guidance.

The biz ops manager is a vital role within the EdTech company. They are responsible for mapping out a marketing mix and 360-degree content strategy for the business. A lot of their work will center around analyzing data to inform decisions and growth plans. It's also crucial that they maintain open lines of communication with relevant parties and keep tabs on key metrics related to user onboarding.

> Transferable skills

Interpersonal skills, problem-solving, adaptability

> Required skills

Employee management, strategic business planning, technical proficiency

Here are two jobs that will give a clearer look at what exactly this role expects from a candidate:

If you're interested in a role that requires quick and analytical thinking, then all you need to do is showcase your relevant skills. Check out these opportunities and see if you find a right fit for you.

If you are determined to make a career pivot to any of the above-mentioned roles; here is a roadmap to help you navigate through the job marketplace swiftly.

Transitioning Teachers - How did they succeed?

A key part of successfully pivoting your career is connecting with others who have either already done it or are in the process of doing the same thing. We have found and compiled a list of experienced teachers who have left the classroom to help make your journey into the Edtech field a little smoother.

1. Laura Hoyer

Making the decision to leave teaching can be a daunting one, but it doesn't have to be. Laura is a former teacher turned Instructional Designer and Career Coach. She shares her learnings with transitioning teachers who might feel overwhelmed and alone.

Resource for you:
Laura’s Newsletter: Teacher Transitioning to...

It can be difficult for teachers to understand how their skills can translate to new careers. Laura will show how common experiences in the classroom can be used to help you get your dream job in this newsletter. She will focus on translating skills used in the classroom into those that would be valued by employers in the EdTech world.

2. Kelsie Marks

When it comes to educators, she is definitely not your average Joe. She's a trained professional who decided to leave the corporate world behind and dedicate her skills to helping students. She has plenty of experience working with different types of leaders in the education field as well as in corporate settings. Her main goal is to help people find success in their careers.

Resource for you:
Out of the class: THE OOTC Digital Resource Library

Looking for great resources to help you with your out-of-the-classroom education? Look no further than the OOTC Digital Resource Library! This library is chock-full of amazing resources, including articles, books, podcasts, quizzes, videos, coaches, programs, websites, courses, templates, resume writers and more! Plus, they have organized everything by topic so you can easily find what you're looking for. So why wait? Start exploring today!

3. Daphne Gomez

Daphne is the founder of Teacher Career Coach, which was created to support teachers who want to transition out of the classroom. When she went through her own career change, she struggled because there weren't many resources available to help teachers make this switch. So, she spent years developing the materials, community, and guidance that she wished had existed when she left the classroom. 

Daphne has teamed up with experts who have over 10 years of experience in Human Resources, certified career counseling, and recruiting to create the best possible resources for Teacher Career Coach.

Resource for you:
The Teacher Career Coach Podcast

The Teacher Career Coach Podcast is all about helping educators find their dream job outside of the traditional classroom setting. In each episode, they chat with inspiring former teachers who share their career journey, helpful tips for avoiding burnout, and answers to your most frequently asked questions. Learn more about the podcast here.


If you're thinking about making a career transition, there are some skills you'll need to make sure the new role is a good fit. Here at take2, we're compiling a list of resources to help you make a successful transition.

Meanwhile, we're always on the lookout for talented candidates who have decided to pursue a new career path. If you're thinking about pivoting your career, here are some jobs that might be exactly what you need to unlock your route to success.

Jobs for Transitioning teachers in EdTech companies - 2023

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