3 Tools to Automate your Job Search

Job Search

While I can't write your cover letter or revive your LinkedIn account for you, thankfully there are tools which can make the job hunting process easier for you, especially if you are a career pivoter.

Rezi - Personalize your Resume with AI

If companies can use AI to filter your resumes, why shouldn't you use some of the tech to supercharge your resumes. Rezi is an online resume builder that uses machine learning to make smart suggestion for each point in your resume. These suggestions are tailored according to the job post that you are interested in.

In the end you get a resume tailored for a particular job application and that is bound to catch the eye of a recruiter while beating recruiter AI tools.

LoopCV - Get 3x more interviews using automations

The process of finding a job is complicated and time-consuming. Hundreds of tools, a lot of copy-pasting. Using LoopCV, you just have to create your profile, upload your resume and select your desired job titles, location and a ton of other parameters.

LoopCV will automatically search for your jobs and either apply on your behalf or give you full control over your applications.

TealHQ - Companies have recruiters, you have Teal

Teal is a personal career growth platform that gives you the tools, skills, and recommendations you need to accelerate your career, starting with the job search. As you can understand from their tagline, TealHQ provides you with a set of tools that help you manage the entire job hunting process end-to-end.

Apart from all the tools, Teal also provides career workshops that helps candidates master every aspect of job hunting.

Job hunting as a career changer is a daunting and stressful task. It is hard enough to find jobs that are willing to accept career pivoters, on top of that you are confronting the biases that may creep into your interviews.

3 Tools to Automate your Job Search

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