How to use your iPhone as a camera and ace your video interviews

Interview prep

Continuity Camera is a great way to use your iPhone as both a webcam and microphone for your Mac. You can connect wirelessly or with a USB cable, and you'll be able to take advantage of the powerful iPhone camera as well as additional video effects.

  1. On your Mac, open any app that has access to the camera or microphone, like FaceTime or Photo Booth.
  2. In the app’s menu bar or settings, choose your iPhone as the camera or microphone.
    The Continuity app opens on your iPhone and begins capturing audio or video from the rear camera.
    Note: In order to use your iPhone as a microphone on a Mac without a built-in camera, the iPhone must be in landscape orientation, stationary, and locked.
  3. Do any of the following:

If you need to charge your iPhone while Continuity Camera is turned on, use a USB cable for best results.

Here are five video interview tips that will help you make a great impression on the hiring manager and improve your chances of getting the job:

1. Before your video interview, take some time to prepare as you would for an in-person interview at the same company. 

2. Choose an outfit that is professional and appropriate for the company culture - remember, first impressions matter!

3. To avoid any technical difficulties during your interview, test out your setup in advance. This includes trying out the same platform you’ll be using for the interview, checking your internet connection, and making sure your hardware is working properly.

4. Find a quiet area in your home and set it up in front of a neutral background - this could be a blank wall or a room without too much clutter or decoration.

5. Get some practice before your interview by doing a mock video interview with a friend or family member.

How to use your iPhone as a camera and ace your video interviews

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